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About David Baptiste

Baps began his career with the British jazz-funk band Light of the World, which he formed in the late 70’s with friends Breeze McKrieth, Kenny Willington, and Paul ‘Tubbs’ Williams. After becoming forerunners of the British jazz scene, the band split and formed Incognito and Beggar and Co, who instantly had a top-20 hit with their single “(Somebody) Help Me Out”. Baps and Kenny also played the brass section on the Spandau Ballet hit “Chant No 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)”.

Working with World-Renowned Artists

Baps then went on to play sax with one of the biggest pop groups of the 80’s – Wham! - playing at world-famous venues such as Wembley Arena and the infamous show at the Workers Gymnasium, China, in 1985. It was this show where he witnessed the power that music can have over politics. “That was a strange show. Wham! were the first Western pop band to play in China and all around the stadium there were guards with guns telling the kids not to dance. But everyone was so excited they started to dance anyway, and it made for one of the best shows I have ever done.”

More Recently

Fast forward to 2007 and he was the sax and flute player for British pop sensation Billy Ocean, yet again touring the globe and playing on some of the biggest stages in the world. During one of these tours, Baps decided to make his dream a reality and create his own album. “I have played on so many albums for other artists but always wished that it could be my name on the CD cover with music that I had a hand in creating”. A late-night conversation with Billy put the wheels in motion and Baps found himself on a flight to the Caribbean island of Grenada, to record his debut album at Billy’s recording studio.

What You Gonna Do

“I wanted to create something new and different from a lot of the sax music that is around. I love traditional Caribbean music like Soca and Calypso and wanted to incorporate that with contemporary sax music”, says Baps. This isn’t the album you would expect from a jazz artist, with tunes to relax to and songs that will have you dancing away. What You Gonna Do takes you on a musical journey and lets you into the world of Baps.

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What You Gonna Do is available to download now on iTunes Amazon, and other prominent digital stores.

A Passion for Sax

Baps has been playing the saxophone for a substantial chunk of his life, and he has always wanted a career in music, from the days of his youth right up to now. He has a passion for music and performance and his aim is to provide the entire audience with a night to remember. With a wealth of experience playing in various bands over the years, in a range of genres and styles, Baps is your first choice for a skilled saxophone player for your event.